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This is page 2 of my portfolio.

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Townsend Letter's well-established site needed an updated look. This time they wanted color and graphics.
We left the huge resource of older information as it was, and call it "the archives."

Plenty of advertising opportunities surround solid content.

    Retired DEA agent Dennis Fitzgerald has filled a unique need with his book, Informant Law, Policy and Procedure. With lawyers as an audience, Dennis did not fear using a lot of text to drive his message home.



T Kathy wanted a showcase for her graphic manipulations. She wanted a site design that would allow her to make changes herself once she learned the ins and outs of her new Web site design program.
Playful kitty photos needed a fun and funky Web site, so I stepped back in time and conjured up a bit of "flower power" for this one!
    Dr. Collin wanted to recreate a very simple site he had had online previously. His bio, office locations and an essay on chelation were all he needed on this site. He has a number of other sites on alternative medicine, including the Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients online magazine.





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