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Sandy Hershelman Designs for print and the Web

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Sandy Hershelman offers communications expertise for all of your business and personal needs. Since 1990, the former Business Leader of the Year has worked professionally as an award-winning writer, photographer, desktop publisher and Web designer.

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People have said:

"I’m pretty sure Sandy fact checks EVERY thing she posts! One of the more reliable sources on FB."

"You are my major news source!"

"You always vet, Sandy, and that’s what I appreciate."
            "The librarian in me loves that."

"I imagine you could imagine just about anything. Your mind must work in overdrive most of the time and who knows what…the rest of the time! Sometimes, maybe once in our life if we are lucky, we crawl out of our shoes and explode onto the stage of the universe. You are like a fireworks display!"

 "I just wanted to let you know how I enjoy reading your Facebook posts. Not sure the word enjoy is proper for all of your posts because you share serious stuff a lot of the time. Maybe I find your postings educational, thought provoking and a window on who you are; and you are pretty cool."

"Love reading you."

"Don't ever shut down. What you do and say is important!!"

"Beautiful soul!"

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